Software and web content localization

Software localization is the process of translation and adaptation of the functional elements of a software application in a manner which makes it suitable for use on a global scale. Software providers need to overcome linguistic and cultural and legislative hurdles, if they want to sell their products on a new market. This requires a close link between the translation of IT products and their localization to ensure their full adaptation to both the domestic and international market.

Key to a successful online presence is the presentation of original content in a manner which is competent, clear and accessible. Last but not least it needs to be grammatically correct. A close attention to style, spelling and punctuation on your website is key to your company’s public image. It is an investment at least as important as your investment in advertising, design and SEO optimization.

Trust INTERLANG and let your software, website and apps take off to reach a wider audience. We have a proven track record in software and web content translation and localization.

During the translation process we offer our clients protection of the target (translation) code through automatic tag control, appropriate extensions and process management.

A mandatory stage in our work is automatic quality control to ensure a more accurate and consistent software with extended quality control. This entails:

  • a check of user interface: a series a checks of the user interface for hidden text and overlapping, missing or inconsistent texts;
  • checks to ensure technical consistency: finding missing translation segments, monitoring of the correct use of characters and intervals in the target code;
  • a check to verify language consistency: monitoring of the accurate use of specific terminology and finding disallowed words;
  • checks to verify the length of translated segments.

INTERLANG has a wealth of experience in translating texts in narrow, specialist fields for leading global corporations whose innovative products set development trends and radically alter the quality of life for consumers. We are proud to have won their trust won through dedicated efforts to always do better, improve the precision, accuracy and consistency of translations and ensure compliance with client requirements.

Contact us today by completing our online  enquiry/order form, by e-mail or by phone on +359 2 808171. It will be our pleasure to give you a quote that is customised to any specific requirements you may have.

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