Transcription is the process of converting speech or spoken language into a written text. The words of the speaker are converted into writing on paper or in electronic form. A transcribed text can be written by hand or typed using a computer and then printed out.

On the other hand, translation is the process whereby the message of a text is converted into another language. The text of the original is called the source text and the translation — the target text. The target text must be appropriate for the audience for which it is intended and special attention must be paid to terminology, the specialist domain of the text and the cultural specificities of the target audience.

In the translation industry, transcription and translation are closely linked.

In areas such as economy, finance and marketing, transcription services are often required before a text is commissioned for translation. This is usually the case with specialist workshops and conferences. If you need a written version of the speeches and discussions during a workshop, you require transcription.

No matter what the language of your source file, we can transcribe the dialogue so that you can use the content in your business.


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