Transcreation (translation+creation) and marketing translation are synonyms applicable to the same process of transcreation. It means adapting a creative piece of writing into another language or for another culture, while retaining its goal, style and tone. Transcreation is neither ordinary translation nor text localization. The main goal of transcreation specialists is to capture and recreate the message of a text in the target language in terms of its emotional undertone and the degree of persuasiveness of the original.

The goal of transcreation is not to say the same thing in a different language but to rather evoke the same feelings and elicit the same reaction in the native speakers of each language. A mark of successful transcreation is that the message in the target language evokes the same emotional response and has the same meaning as that in the source language.

Transcreation is mostly used in marketing and advertising and can be best described as a creative translation that accurately communicates the message of a product in the target market and is able to reach its consumers in a meaningful and engaging way.

High quality marketing and advertising translation ensures consistency and coherence of marketing messages, brand integrity and return on investment.

Our project managers are experienced in the planning, implementation and quality control of transcreation projects.


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