Security and protection of information

Any loss of data can be a critical test for any business and it can have a deeply negative impact on suppliers and clients.

At INTERLANG we take data protection very seriously. We have 2 in-house mirrored servers onto which files are automatically copied. Should an unforeseen contingency arise, we are thus capable of retrieving information quickly and with minimal losses.

The data from our electronic management programs is archived on a daily basis, meaning that any potential loss of information is limited to the previous working day at the most.

Given the nature of our work, we consider virus protection to be of critical importance. All software and workstations are protected by an antivirus program which monitors the network on a permanent basis. Furthermore, there is a strict requirement that all files be scanned for viruses, regardless of whether are received by e-mail, on disk or transmitted via other portable data storage electronic device.

Server information is protected by passwords associated with different levels of access.


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