Creating and maintaining databases and glossaries

How to save money with each subsequent translation?

The corporate language of individual companies differs depending on the type of business, and the terminology used. Companies which manufacture almost identical products use differing terminology and rely on differing styles to describe the same functions and events. Terminology management is the way rules and basic terms are defined. The next stage is to, organise, store and manage the terminology derived and accumulated in glossaries and terminological databases. These steps are taken before the translation process begins, since clearly defined corporate terminology is a key requirement for consistent translation.

Our company is committed to the use of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. We use software every time we receive a request to create a glossary of preferred client terminology. This allows us to accelerate translation and achieve a high degree of internal consistency at the terminology level.

The database thus created allows us to use repeated phrases and larger text segments from previous translations which have been verified and approved by the client. This means that you save money with each subsequent translation we handle for you. As the database is populated and expanded over time, our clients are usually able to save between 15 % and 40 % of the cost of translation.

INTERLANG has the capacity to create and maintain translation memories and term bases.

Term bases and glossaries ensure accuracy, consistency and coherence of each translation and enhance content quality.


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