INTERLANG has developed built the necessary capacity to protect data and information systems from unauthorised access, use and disclosure to third parties and to prevent mishandling, modification and deletion. We possess a ‘confidential’ level industrial security certificate and individual members of staff, translators and revisers have authorised access to confidential or sensitive information at different levels.

All information received from clients, regardless of whether online, by phone, fax or by post, is handled in accordance with our internal information security procedures. INTERLANG does not retain copies, electronic or printed, of any material received for translation or actual translated documents.

All INTERLANG employees and freelance translators sign confidentiality agreements whereby they undertake not to disclose to third parties, companies or organisations any information that may come to their knowledge or possession in the course of translation or use such information for personal benefit.

If a client wishes, an express confidentiality agreement can be signed. This will set out the parameters of use of any material received for translation.


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